In addition to the “Primary” and “Discretionary” types of Officers defined in the Chapter Bylaws we also have representatives from the dealership involved in the running of the Chapter:

The Primary Officers

Dealer Principal

Assistant Director



Assistant Director


The Dealership Representatives

Lind Regional Manager

Toby Sleeman

Discretionary Officers

Activities Officer

Head Photographer

Ladies of Harley Officer

Safety Officer

Charities Officer

Head Road Captain

Membership Officer





Merchandising Officer

Road Crew

Road Crew include both Road Captains and Road Marshals and both count as full Discretionary Officers of the Chapter.

Road Captains (Head Road Captain first, then in alphabetical order)

Peter Ostinelli
Andy Williams
Chris Doody
Gary Tew
Liz Getgood
Stephen Foster
Andy England
Axel Thill
Chris North
Graham Woods
Malcom Bradly
Steve Routh
Andy Parker
Chris Brandham
Dell Evans
Howard Pullen
Roger Bonnici
Vince Pyle

Road Marshals (Longest serving first)

Paul Taylor
Paul Cutler
John Applegate
Laurence Tyrrell
Suzi Eves
John Holmes
Ken Hall
Mark Halliday
Czes Wicherek
Hamish Rogers
Alasdair Denton Miller
Martin Harrington
Julian Bennett
Adrian Gowans