Visit to Air Ambulance KSS

Posted On 27th September 2023

Did you know… 

Air Ambulance KSS 

  • Covers 7, 390 Km2
  • Have attended 40,000 total incidents
  • Has 3 Helicopters and 4 fast response cars 
  • Is an independent charity 
  • Has annual running costs of £16.6m
  • Can perform life-saving emergency chest and heart surgical procedures, deliver emergency anaesthesia and administer blood transfusions at the side of the road

In 2022 alone (the busiest year yet) ;

  • 3,224 incidents were attended, of which 569 were at night
  • 42% in Kent, 24% in Surrey, 29% in East and West Sussex,and  5% in surrounding areas
  • The call outs involved 1,928 patients,
  • 69% were male, 16% aged under 21 and 5% aged 10 and under

Fun Facts

  • Bubble wrap is used to keep patients warm as access for lines to the patient can be quickly made 
  • Has sold its old Helicopter to be used in Belgium 

We learnt all this and more in our amazing Hogsback “Meet the team” visit to the Air Ambulance Kent Surrey and Sussex base at the Redhill Aerodrome on Thursday 21st September. Led by Dave O Brien and back marked by Hamish and Howard. 

Our AA KSS contact, Rachel, supported by OPs Manager Mike, took us through a moving and educational morning which really opened our eyes to the extent of the work carried out by the multidisciplinary team and made us even more determined to be proud supporters of their service.