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The Pan America has landed

Posted On 4th June 2021

It’s been a very exciting week for our Lind H-D teams. Our stores in Guildford, Newmarket, Norwich, Reading & Watford have recieved the latest model in the Harley-Davidson line up, the highly anticipated Pan America. Our sales team members were lucky enough to try the new models out before they landed and here’s what they thought:

‘Yesterday I was lucky enough to test the newest addition to Harley-Davidson’s line up, The New Pan-America 1250 Special. This bike is new territory for the brand, and it has to be said, they have smashed it! 150 HP and 94 Ft lb of torque on both the standard bike and the Special. This combined with the different riding modes, many suspension settings and huge level of standard options means that the bike really delivers against its competition. The dealer network and press have been testing the bike this week by Lake Vyrnwy in Wales with the help of Mick Extance and his team.

Stunning scenery and clear blue sky was the perfect starting point for my ride as we headed off into the hills with no previous experience of riding off road. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little anxious about this but as we started looping around the lake it quickly became clear that this bike was different to anything I’d ridden before.

The bike is equipped with five pre-set driving modes including Road, Sport, Rain, Off-Road, and Off-Road Plus. Each mode gave the bike a completely different riding dynamic, most notably on the quicker section of the route when changing from road to sport mode. After a while we arrived at the off-road section of the ride and it was time to step into the unknown. The brief was to simply enjoy the scenery, not to worry about exactly what we were riding over and just enjoy it. The traction control and ABS coupled with the bikes off-road setting made it an absolute joy to take though terrain I would never think was possible for a novice. In summary, the bike made very light work of some tough terrain for a rider with no experience, it was agile on the road and quite a bit faster than I was expecting. The bike left me wanting to go further and feeling confident, as if I knew what I was doing even.

I would be happy to talk about my experience of the Pan-America to anyone in the showroom or better still, our demonstrator arrives next week, why not come down and test it for yourself.’ Dan at Newmarket Harley-Davidson

You can explore the new model here and book your test ride at your nearest LIND Harley-Davidson