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The March Hare’s Mad Food Run

Posted On 23rd January 2024

Sat 16th March

The North Guildford Food Bank is struggling to meet the current demand for food, and as our last food run at Christmas was so successful we thought we’d do it again to help them out.

Beth at GHD will be accepting any food you care to donate through February (whether it’s a single can or a trolley load of food, it’s all gratefully received!) Please see the list below of items where the shortage is greatest.

On 16th March, Rob & Suzi will be leading a ride that will take you and the Lind van, kindly supplied by GHD, to the actual Food Bank in Park Barn Guildford to take the donated items. More details on this to follow, but if anyone would be happy to take one of the Food Bank volunteers as a pillion on the ride, please let me know so this can be organised. 

Suggested donation items:

  • Cooking Oil
  • Baked Beans, Spaghetti Hoops 
  • Tea Bags, Coffee (not decaff) , Drinking Chocolate
  • Tinned Meat (such as Ham), Tinned Veg, Pot/Instant/ dried Noodles
  • Pasta and Curry Sauces
  • Rice pudding, Custard
  • Ketchup, Mayo
  • Cereal, Biscuits, savoury snacks
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Toilet Roll, Toiletries