Standing Notices

The Drop-Off System

Posted On 18th May 2011

Hogsback rides use the second-man drop-off system to keep the ride together. This involves the ride leader indicating to the rider immediately behind – the ‘second man’ – to pull over to a position of safety on the exit to a roundabout or at a junction. By doing so, the dropped-off bike indicates to the rest of the ride which way the leader has gone. After safety and visibility, the most important thing is that the drop-off REMAINS IN PLACE – however long it takes – until the tail-end road crew appear.
How do you know who is the tail-end? Because they are in hi-vis vests and will have been identified to you at the ride briefing. The drop-off bike should then be ready to rejoin the ride immediately in front of the tail-ender(s). What happens if the drop-off leaves before the tail-enders appear? The ride breaks and some – possibly many – will not make it to the planned destination.
If the system is new to you, it pays to start off towards the back of the group so you can see it working before it’s your turn. You can watch a short video of the system in action by clicking here – thanks to Golly for the footage. There is also an excellent ride guide available for download in the Chapter Ride Guide section above.