Snowball Ride

Posted On 2nd January 2023

Ride Leader: Peter Ostinelli

Monday 2nd January for the 1st ride of the season saw 26 Chapter Members on 24 Bikes join Peter O (Head Road Captain) for a nice ride down to the Sea Lane Café at Worthing, this is becoming quite a favourite with the Chapter for not only the food there but for the roads we use. A great turnout for the ride after the recent bad weather and obviously clearing the heads after Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. The weather was good with the exception being the winter sun for the route down which was in the riders’ eyes. The ride down was my usual back road route and once there everyone enjoyed in the food and drink available at the sea lane café.
Big thanks to my 2 Back markers Suzi and Rob Eves.
Return route was via the A24 where riders dropped off close to their homes, the ride officially ended at the Cock Roundabout at Dorking.

Day/Date: Monday 2nd January 2023
• Ride: Snowball Ride
• Destination: Sea Lane Café, •
• Ride Leader: Peter Ostinelli
• Back Markers:
o SuziEves
o Rob Eves
• Chapter Photographers: Axel Thill & Larry Zea
• Total Bikes: 24
• Total People: 26
• Weather: Dry and sunny

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