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Posted On 24th January 2024


PUBLISHED 24.01.2024

The new 2024 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Road Glide ST. 


The brand new 2024 Harley-Davidson lineup is finally here and it’s been well worth the wait! We’re extremely excited to announce new models for the 2024 range with a selection of performance, comfort, and technology upgrades that define a new era for Touring with Harley-Davidson. Take a trip with us below as we cover all the ins and outs of the all-new, one-of-a-kind, CVO™ Pan America, the ultimate performance bagger with the CVO™ Road Glide ST, new CVO™ 25th Anniversary Editions of the CVO™ Road Glide and Street Glide, and dramatically improved 2024 Road Glide and Street Glide models that complete Harley’s most impressive Grand American Touring range we’ve ever seen.

The 2024 CVO™ Road Glide ST in Raven Metallic.


Introducing the 2024 CVO™ Road Glide ST, a motorcycle that elevates the concept of the hot-rod bagger to the extreme, inspired by the Screamin’ Eagle factory team Road Glide bikes competing in the MotoAmerica King of the Baggers Championship.

The CVO™ Road Glide ST is the quickest and most sophisticated performance bagger ever produced by Harley-Davidson. The brand new Milwaukee-Eight 121 High Output power train is tuned to produce 12 HP and 8 Nm torque more than the Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121 engine. The new model features a top speed electronically limited to 120 mph making it the fastest Grand American Touring motorcycle offered by Harley-Davidson ever. To boost acceleration performance in every gear, a 30 Tooth Sprocket provides a lower final drive ratio than the 32 Tooth Sprocket used in the CVO™ Road Glide model.

Paired with the high-performance engine are premium adjustable suspension components that will meet the expectations of the most aggressive and demanding riders. The rear suspension features outboard Showa Remote Reservoir shock absorbers with front suspension featuring 47mm Showa forks both with adjustable preload and rebound and compression damping.

Reducing weight is key for higher performance and the CVO™ Road Glide ST has introduced Screamin’ Eagle Extreme Flow Titanium slip-on mufflers which feature oval-shaped, lightweight, titanium shells and forged carbon fiber end caps that reduce weight by 30% compared to the original equipment mufflers. Forged carbon fiber composite is also used to form the front fender, seat cowl, and tank console to save weight and add competition style, left unpainted to keep the forged carbon fiber material on display. Overall the new CVO™ Road Glide ST is specced at a dry weight of 800lbs (363kg), 25lbs lighter than the new CVO™ Road Glide model.

To handle power and performance, a 6-inch riser and handlebar with a flat bend puts the rider in an aggressive posture and a popular club-bike style point, with the solo seat featuring a raised rear bolster to help hold the rider in position under hard acceleration.


While performance is the aim of the game, the features and technology on display is top of the top-of-the-line too. The CVO™ Road Glide ST has a 12.3″ Colour Touchscreen Display powered by Skyline OS, the most tech-forward display ever offered by Harley-Davidson. In this display, you can choose from 5 selectable riding modes including a brand-new Track mode developed with input from Harley-Davidson Factory Team rider Kyle Wyman. The mapping provides the best feel of torque delivery in a track day environment. Kyle says the mapping overlays are identical to what he uses on his Number 33 King of the Baggers Race bike. The new model also features premium 4-speaker Harley-Davidson audio powered by Rockford Fosgate Stage 2 audio system and a bold LED headlamp with integrated indicators.

The performance is matched by the bike’s styling. The black anodised Switchback collection combines billet aluminium with rubber surfaces for a rugged look on the footboards, shifter peg, rear brake lever pad, and hand grips. The Flat-Out Bar provides tip-over protection with sleek West Coast style and a 5″ Dark Smoke Wind Splitter windshield offers the perfect combination of effective airflow management and style. The CVO™ Road Glide ST comes in two paint choices: Gold & White Pearl or Raven Metallic, with the Factory Team bikes which raced in the King of the Baggers series inspiring the Screamin’ Eagle graphic on the fairing sides, flowing into the fuel tank. The race team’s Fast Johnnie graphic can also be found on the left side cover and the unique red CVO™ ST branding has been laser etched into the front wheel only.

CVO™’s intention was not to fulfill custom motorcycle builder’s dreams, but to inspire them, and what better model to inspire than the ultimate performance bagger: the CVO™ Road Glide ST. This beast of a motorcycle is extremely exclusive with very limited stock available. To get your hands on this stunning CVO ST™ before anyone else, contact your nearest LIND Harley-Davidson store at Guildford, Newmarket, Reading, or Watford and speak to our team for more information.

The new 2024 CVO Pan America, the first of its kind.


The 2024 CVO™ Pan America is the first ever Adventure Touring model released for the CVO™ program. When the Pan America was first released back in 2021 it was introduced to express passion for adventure and exploring in a completely new way for Harley-Davidson, and 3 years later the CVO™ Pan America pushes the limits of what’s possible on the model.

The CVO™ Pan America is geared up from front to back with accessories and luggage selected through customer feedback to enhance the riding experience. This long list of factory-installed accessories makes the CVO™ Pan America exceptional value, including rugged and removable aluminium top case and panniers and a Screamin’ Eagle Quickshifter for smooth, clutchless up and down shifts. To protect the CVO™ model and add rugged style, Harley have also added a muffler guard, a heavy-duty aluminium skid plate, and a mesh radiator shield. Forward vision is also enhanced with three-function auxiliary LED forward lighting and a lowered adventure windshield. Other accessories include a rugged universal phone carrier, black rubber knee pads, tactical heated hand grips, a premium indoor-outdoor motorcycle cover featuring the CVO™ logo, and a toolkit designed especially for the CVO™ Pan America.


The new model also showcases an exclusive paint treatment to celebrate 25 years of CVO™ customising brilliance, featuring Legendary Orange and Raven Metallic, accompanied by Atlas Silver to highlight the fairing and fuel tank stylised with a bold Number 1 logo. For added detail, the rear subframe, radiator guard, and front pull bar are all finished in Legendary Orange with the custom CVO™ seat and pillion covers to match with orange piping.

While it may be kitted out and look gorgeous, the CVO™  Pan America also receives a significant upgrade to the electrical and charging systems. A new rotor and stator upgrade has increased the charging system output at idle by 14% and the upgraded main wiring harness and hand controls provide and improve functionality and robustness. The CVO Pan America, along with all other 2024 Pan America models is equipped with a Softail battery to improve cold start performance and overall battery life.

The CVO™ Pan America is fully loaded and ready for any adventure, in true CVO™ style. With this model being extremely exclusive with very limited stock available, to get your hands on this first-ever CVO™ Adventure Tourer before anyone else, contact your nearest LIND Harley-Davidson store at Guildford, Newmarket, Reading, or Watford and speak to our team for more information.

The new 2024 CVO™ Street Glide with 25th Anniversary paintwork.


In 2023 the CVO™ Street Glide and Road Glide introduced a bold new design direction for their Grand American Touring range and the new 2024 models look to continue that direction while paying homage to CVO™ history.

Extraordinary performance is continued with the Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121 High Output engine exclusive to the CVO™ Road Glide & Street Glide models. High-performance Showa suspension components promote competent handling and outstanding rider comfort. Top-of-the-line technology remains with the impressive 12.3″ Colour Touchscreen Display powered by Skyline OS, premium 4-speaker Harley-Davidson audio powered by Rockford Fosgate, and 4 selectable ride modes: Road, Sport, Rain & Custom.

To celebrate 25 years of CVO™ excellence, both the CVO™ Road Glide & CVO™ Street Glide will feature a 25th Anniversary graphic and two new colour options. The base colour for both models is a colour shift Copperhead with warm pinstripes offering a subtle hue shift from cooler red to copper that pops in sunlight. The alternative colour is Legendary Orange with Raven Metallic, separated by a hand-applied Atlas Silver brush pattern section with a pinstripe and stylised Number 1 logo as part of the fuel tank design.

To celebrate 25 years of CVO and get your hands on the new 2024 CVO™ Road Glide or CVO™ Street Glide before anyone else, contact your nearest LIND Harley-Davidson store at Guildford, Newmarket, Reading or Watford and speak to our team for more information.

The new Harley-Davidson Road Glide for 2024.


For 2024 both the Harley-Davidson Road Glide and Street Glide have been reimagined with a top-to-toe redesign that includes category-leading technology, improving every aspect of the Grand American Touring experience. With the release of these two new models, Harley-Davidson has announced that the Special and ST versions of the Road Glide and Street Glide will not be returning for 2024. However, the fantastic new models offer comparable engine performance to the previous ST models, along with the fresh, new design elements, advanced technology, and enhanced rider comfort introduced with the 2023 CVO™ Road Glide & Street Glide.

A brand new version of the Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine is exclusive to the new Road Glide and Sport Glide introducing a significant performance upgrade with 11% more horsepower and 7% more torque than previous standard models; equivalent to last year’s ST versions. The 117 engine also features a new and improved liquid cooling system focused on the exhaust valve area of each cylinder head, improving rider comfort. A new airbox and air filter have more than 50% volume than the 107 and 114 airboxes and the heavy breather intake, and for riders that hunger for even more performance, the Screamin’ Eagle Stage II Camshaft Kit for the Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine, plus Screamin’ Eagle performance intake options and the new Screamin’ Eagle Extreme Street Cannon Titanium Muffler are all available now.

Both new models feature visual design elements introduced last year with the CVO™ Road Glide and Street Glide, with a dynamic visual flow along the key components of the motorcycles, from the fairing to the fuel tank, side covers, and saddlebags. The fairing design on both bikes has evolved for a sleek and modern look with a split vent now fully integrated into the design, a windshield that appears to float above the fairing, and signature LED lighting providing instant recognition and a strong road presence, even at night. The Road Glide has a single LED headlamp with twin elements paying homage to all previous Road Glide model fairings and both models feature seamlessly integrated turn signals into the left and right lamp elements for a cleaner overall look. Each fairing is also part of a new aero system designed specifically to improve rider comfort. The adjustable veins on the trailing edge of the Road Glide fairing can be used to channel more or less air to the rider’s torso and aero deflectors based on the fork skirts of the Street Glide can be adjusted to reduce wind and turbulence to the rider’s HUD.

The brand new 2024 Harley-Davidson Street Glide.

Whether traveling across town or country, both new models have been fully designed to enhance the Touring experience, with improved ergonomics for the dedicated Touring rider. The Road Glide handlebar has a wider, flatter bend than the previous shape, putting the rider in a more naturally comfortable riding position for long-distance riding. Both models also feature a newly redesigned seat shape and padding materials that offer an improvement in long-range comfort for most riders, and the front brake lever is adjustable for reach to best match the hand size and preference of the rider. New suspension components provide a dramatic improvement in rider comfort compared to the 2023 versions of the Road Glide and Street Glide, with the rear suspension now at 3 inches; a 50% increase comparison in travel. Showa Dual-Motion Technology Shock Absorbers replace the previous suspension that used emulsion technology and only one shock, improving the dampening response and giving a more predictable ride. The new bikes also receive a significant weight reduction of 16-18lbs less than the previous models.

While performance and comfort are key to an incredible riding experience, the new Road Glide and Street Glide provide a host of technology upgrades to enhance that experience one step further. Both models feature a customisable 12.3″ Colour Touchscreen display powered by Skyline OS, replacing all the analog instrumentation and most of the switches with more than a 400% increase in screen area compared to the 6.5″ Boombox GTS screens found on previous models. With this also comes selectable ride modes for the first time that electronically control performance characteristics and level of technology intervention. These available modes include Rain, Road, Sport, and a fully customisable mode for the rider to tailor to their riding preferences. The full suite of rider safety enhancements come as standard, including ABS and traction control. Wi-Fi connectivity now enables Apple Car Play services from the rider’s device to the screen and Android users can play music and place and receive phone calls through the system. The Bluetooth receiver for wireless headsets is now fully built into the system, meaning a separate module is no longer required and a new 4-channel 200W Amplifier that delivers a 100% power increase on the 2023 Boombox GTS system is introduced, providing a fantastic sonic performance from two 5.25″ fairing-mounted speakers. If you love smashing music out of your ride, there’s also the option to enhance that sound further with Rockford Fosgate-powered Harley-Davidson audio speaker and amplifier upgrades, which are available now and can be easily integrated with the Skyline OS.

To build these Grand American Touring models into the ultimate Touring machines, Harley has also released a full suite of new HD® Parts & Accessories allowing the rider to customise their very own riding experience. A wide selection of Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories have launched alongside the new models so you can find what you need to build your ideal Tourer. Seats, handlebars, windshields, the new switchback collection, and even saddlebag liners to fit the new luggage, build up a list of dozens of new parts and accessories for you to make your dream motorcycle a reality.

Contact your nearest LIND Harley-Davidson store at Guildford, Newmarket, Reading, or Watford and speak to our team for more information on the brand new Road Glide and Street Glide models for 2024 and see how you can be the first to have your very own.

The Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114 in Red Rock.


Along with these awesome new models Harley-Davidson will be continuing to provide fantastic motorcycles across different ranges for the type of bike that suits you. For a full list of motorcycles staying on the roster for 2024, visit our page HERE.

Featured on this year’s full roster, along with the new Road Glide and Street Glide models are a new set of colours to showcase Harley’s stunning collection. Earlier this month we did an article talking about the new colours with some examples of how they’re going to look on the road. Click below to read about which paint options are available for 2024.