Standing Notices

Important! Avoiding Back Patch Troubles

Posted On 18th November 2006

As many of you know, back patches and rockers are taken very seriously by the Clubs that own them. Trouble can be avoided by following this advice from H.O.G.: “Does H.O.G. make a chevron or authorise a chevron to go below the large H.O.G. patch?? The answer is, ‘NO!’ Here’s why…
From the very beginning of the Harley Owners Group, the design and display of the H.O.G. logo and chapter chevron have been given careful consideration, with special attention to motorcycling organisations that may have a structure other than the family-oriented social structure of H.O.G.. Regardless of a member’s intent in displaying a lower chevron, it can put a member in conflict with other, three-patch organisations.
The Harley Owners Group strongly discourages members from altering the look of the H.O.G. patch and chapter chevron combination by adding lower chevrons and patches. Wear your H.O.G. patch and chapter rocker proudly. But please don’t wear a lower chevron. Additionally, and for the same reasons, H.O.G. advises caution in associating country names (eg ‘England’ or ‘Scotland’) with H.O.G. chapter names. With your assistance, the integrity of the H.O.G. organisation will be maintained.