Standing Notices

HI-Vis Vests

Posted On 18th August 2011

For many years, the Chapter has operated a system of safety for group rides that has proved very successful. This system is well developed and understood by all Road Crew, and depends in part on the wearing of hi-vis vests by Road Crew only. This allows the duty Road Crew to see and respond to each other, and facilitates the smooth, safe pick up of markers who have been dropped by the Ride Leader.
Recently, we have tried to accommodate hi-vis wearing by Chapter members who are not Road Crew. This has not worked well and has produced reports from some members of confusion and (therefore) reduced safety. The Road Crew is clear that their use of hi-vis vests is for identification only and that the only real protection derives from the way you ride – through observation, road positioning and speed. While we will never tell anyone to remove their hi-vis, we would like to continue with the tried and tested system of safety we use on Hogsback rides.
This means asking for your continued agreement that only Road Crew wear hi-vis vests on official group rides. We would ask you to note that cooperating with this request is strictly your decision and it is a signed condition of Chapter membership that you understand and agree that all H.O.G. members and their guests participate voluntarily and at their own risk in all H.O.G. activities and that you assume all risks arising out of the conduct of such activities.