Posted By Scoop On 4th February 2021

Update for Life Members and Annual renew members who have renewed in January and the first week of February.

There has been a delay in the production of the 2021 pins which are included in the 2021 renewal pack. The stock is expected to arrive at the fulfilment company on the 12th of February and all the waiting orders are expected to be in the postal system by the 28th of February. We can realistically expect to see members receiving their packs in the first weeks of March, postal services dependent.

You may also hear reports of members having already received their 2021 renewal packs. This is because at the end of December last year 2000 units were delivered. These have been used primarily for our members in the UK and Ireland.

2021 L.O.H. pins will not be included within the Life Members Renewal packs. They will be dispatched in a second order and will likely arrive with our members within the same period as their 2021 renewal packs.