Gordon Dodd Funeral

Posted On 2nd June 2023

Ride Leader: Alasdair Denton-Miller

14 bikes met up at GHD for a 10am departure to Ashtead. Roadcrew were: ADM leading, with Graham Woods, Bent Beck, David Hardcastle and David O’Brien supporting.
We rode to the Funeral Directors in Ashtead and parked up in the neighbouring pub car park. We liaised with the Funeral Director and the Harley Driver to check on routing etc… The desire of the family was to have the Flower Hearse, Harley Hearse, Private family cars and then the bikes in that order, however we needed to make sure we had Road Crew at the front of the ride to block certain junctions to enable the cortege to make progress without being broken up.
We proceeded to follow the hearse(s) to nearby the Dodd residence, where three Road Crew continued to the residence to pay respects. Due to the congested nature of the road directly outside the house, the rest of the bikes were formed up nearby and were joined by three other bikes ridden by friends and relatives of the Gordon. As the hearses rolled past, the bikes joined the cortege.
We then proceeded from the residence to Leatherhead Crematorium. Some dynamic Road Crew management was needed to ensure we had Road Crew ahead of the hearses in time for critical junctions, but all was planned ahead of time and went off without a hitch.
At the crematorium, there was a call for Pall Bearers and some of the Chapter riders stepped up for this duty.

After the coffin had been taken in to the Crematorium, Dave O’Brian led 10 bikes to the Wotton Hatch pub in Wotton with ADM and David Hardcastle back marking, where we partook of refreshments. The ride concluded at the Wotton Hatch

All went off pretty much perfectly and Hogsback Chapter lent an air of gravitas to the funeral proceedings. The family were very grateful for our suppor

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