GH-D to SH-D to MH-D

Posted On 28th May 2022

Ride Name: Not the National Air Ambulance Ride Destination: Sykes HD and Maidstone HD
Ride Leader: Peter Ostinelli
Back-Marker: Suzi Eves & Mike Terry
Meeting at GHD were 20 Solo bikes and 2 trikes with 24 members joined Peter O for what was to be The National Air Ambulance Ride but as the not all dealerships/Chapters were interested Hogsback decided to do a ride to the dealerships anyway.
The weather was pleasant and the ride to SHD was through the back lanes and then onto MHD.
Refreshments were had at SHD and a good look around the dealership was done by all, special interest in their second-hand showroom with over 70 HD’s for sale.
Once at MHD a look at their impressive sale rail was done and then a return ride via motorway to everyone’s homes.
20 Bikes and 24 Chapter members joined Peter O for the Not the National Air Ambulance Ride to Sykes HD AND Maidstone HD.
Peter O
Head Road Captain

View the Gallery: Sykes-Maidstone-28-May-2022
View the Gallery: Maidstine-Sykes-by-Richard-28-May-2022