Riding during Covid

Rw6  (Ride with Six) : Commenced 29th March

Some simple rules will apply:

  • Maximum 6 Participants, so a rider and Pillion count as 2 participants.
  • Max 6 Bikes per ride.
  • Each rider/pillion must be pre-registered for the ride with the ride leader. Please notify the ride leader if you are taking a pillion when registering for a ride.
  • Each ride will leave from a different location which will be confirmed by the ride leader to the pre-registered participants.
  • If the same destination is being used by more than one Rw6 group, please arrive at different times, park separately (if possible) and ensure the Rw6 groups are obviously separate (over compensate if necessary).
  • Finally, all ride participants must review the Hogsback Chapter Health & Quarantine Questionnaire below before pre-registration and supply Test and Trace details to the ride leader who will submit to Paul Cutler, who will hold the details securely for 21days and then destroy.

Ride-out Health & Quarantine Questionnaire

RW30 Commencing Earliest 17th May

Same rules as above but up to 30 participants No Test And Trace required.

Vince Pyle is one of the two Assistant Directors in the Chapter and the Chapter’s Safety Officer

Paul Cutler is the Chapter’s other Assistant Director and is in charge of the Ride Programme