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It’s been some time since Hogsback has been able to ride in groups of unlimited numbers.

In line with the Chapter guidelines, if we have more than 10 riders in a group we will carry out drop offs rather than operate the buddy system.

As a reminder, when doing drop offs the ride leader will signal to the 2nd rider that they would like a junction marked. They are not telling you where to stop, you must find yourself a safe place to stop and mark the junction for the following riders.

Remain at the drop off until the road crew marking the rear of the ride signal you to move off. Please be ready to move off, the road crew will try and allow you time to get away, if they are unable to slow and allow you to move off they will pass you then allow you to overtake and rejoin the ride.

Try to keep up with the rider in front, please do not allow large gaps to develop. Remember the 2 second rule from the bike directly ahead and 1 second from the offset bike. These are minimum safe distances and should be increased if conditions dictate. If the rider in front of you is leaving large gaps, you may overtake if it is safe to do so.
When participating in a Chapter ride, nothing a Hogsback officer does or says replaces the individual Chapter members responsibility for riding within the law, maintaining control of their own motorcycle and using their own judgment and decision making in the interests of safety.

If you would like to review the Chapter group riding guide and Safety video please follow the link.

Vince Pyle – Chapter Safety Officer and Assistant Director