End of year charity donation – this needs a drum roll!

Posted On 28th November 2023

Just WOW!! We have counted and double counted and checked again…. and between the raffles, the sponsored swims, stitching, baking, chili cooking, parts sales, and everything else that you do  – YOU have raised an astonishing £9000  this year for our chosen charities! That’s a whopping £3000 for each charity. We aren’t the rotary club, the masons or the WI- and charity is the third of our three priorities sitting comfortably behind riding and partying, both of which we are damn good at! so that makes it an even more impressive figure.All three of our charities are represented at club night on 8th December, when the cheque handover takes place, I know they are looking forward to meeting you and 

I know you’ll give them a huge Hogsback welcome.