Cider Rally

Posted On 29th April 2022

Ride leader Czes Wicherek led a group comprising of 10 bikes, I trike and 13 Chapter members from GH-D to the first big Rally of the year, the Cider Rally organised by Bridgwater Chapter. With fair weather, the group made it to the lunch stop at Thruxton without incident though the ride leader has yet to definitively answer the question about whether the route through the cul-de-sac was planned or not!

Once refreshed, it was onto our next stop at the Cheddar Gorge. This phase of the ride didn’t go quite to plan but we all managed to arrive safely if not necessarily together in one group … or in the right order! After some refreshment, it was onto our final destination, the Rally itself, where we met up with other Chapter members who had made their own way to the event.

A really friendly and laid-back atmosphere amongst all those there with some great performances from the live bands over the weekend. Hawaiian shirt clad Hogsback members contributed to the party atmosphere and were amongst the last people to leave the dance floor on both the Friday and Saturday!

There was the traditional visit to the pier on Saturday lunchtime and a parade ride on the Sunday. Sunday evening was a more relaxed affair and there was no official ride back on the Monday as members wanted to go back at different times. Thanks to Mike Terry and ADM (Al Denton-Miller) for their help back marking.

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