Chillifest 2023 Charity Report

Posted On 19th September 2023

Wow you guys are awesome!!!! I have some major thank yous to make! 

Thanks to all our bakers for their wonderful tasty creations and Julie Legg and her helpers for manning the bake sale and the Eves on the membership stand for selling our key rings etc. Together we raised £227 today. Congratulations to Chewie PJ for winning the cook off and thank you for selling batches of his winning chilli which raised a smokin’ £60. Sewing Hero Hilary M Byrne raised £40 through more hours of stitching, and Paul crazy Cutler and team raised £137.13 through the boot sale. Thanks to all who sold their items today and donated. I also must thank Beth and Wavy Davy for entertaining us, all the chilli cook off contestants and FatBoyz Harley for feeding us. Of course Aaron, Beth and the GHD team for putting it all together. ❤

So the total raised for charity? £464.49 ! 

Please take a bow y’all!!