Hi Everyone!

Let me introduce myself and the work that I do as the Chapter’s Charity Officer. I have been motorcycling for most of my adult life, and I joined the Hogsback Chapter in 2019 when I bought a Harley from Guildford H-D. As an active member of the Chapter, and a keen fundraiser, I took the position of Charities Officer in early 2021.

  • At the beginning of each year I seek nominations for the three Chapter Charities that we will support that year, and submit them to the Chapter Committee for a vote.
  • I manage the Hogsback Charities bank account, including banking donations and reconciling the account.
  • I prepare financial reports for the quarterly Committee meetings to update the club on our charity activities and financial position.
  • I try to spot opportunities within the ride and event programme for raising charitable funds, including being proactive with proposals of appropriate activities to the Committee. I am also reliant upon other members of the Chapter who raise money by activities of their own, which will boost our charity pot further.
  • I liaise with our nominated Charities throughout the year, and organize the distribution of funds raised. This is usually by way of a lump sum to each of the Charities at the end of the year, however the 2020 pandemic has meant that our charities have benefited from more frequent donations to assist with their cashflow.

I look forward to meeting & riding with you soon!

Leigh Ballinger – Charities Officer