Hogsback Chapter Bylaws

Ever wondered how Hogsback Committee members get elected? Or how the Road Crew get appointed? Or, more generally, by what principles the Chapter is run? You can find the answers in the Hogsback Chapter Bylaws.

Hogsback Chapter Bylaws

Bylaws are not required by H.O.G. and many Chapters don’t bother with them, but at Hogsback, we are particularly keen that the Chapter organisation is as transparent as possible.

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Dell Evans – Chapter Director


The relationship between Hogsback Chapter and Guildford Harley-Davidson

Currently, there are more than 1,400 official H.O.G. chapters around the world, with each chapter sponsored by an authorised Harley-Davidson? dealership.

Hogsback Chapter UK is an official H.O.G. Chapter (#7846) affiliated with H.O.G. UK.

Hogsback Chapter?s sponsoring dealership is Guildford Harley-Davidson, Weyvern Park, Peasmarsh, Guildford, Surrey, GU3 1NA.

The sponsoring dealership?s decision-making authority is vested in the Dealer Principal.

The current Dealer Principal at GH-D is Aaron Presley.

Chapter Accounts

Please email the Treasurer if you would like a summary of the Chapter’s accounts sent to you.


Chapter Committee Meetings

Chapter Committee meetings are held every three months. If you have any issues you would like raised, or if you’d like to see a copy of the meeting Minutes, please email the Secretary.



Chapter Insurance(s)

The latest insurance documents can be found in the Chapter Library.