Ladies of Harley

Who is a Lady of Harley?

H.O.G. Chapters are family-friendly organisations and Ladies of Harley (LoH) was started by H.O.G. as a means of encouraging more Chapter events that would appeal to the many women who ride with the Chapter – either on their own bikes or as pillions. So who is eligible to be a LoH? Well, you don’t have to have your own bike, but you do have to have your own H.O.G. membership (either Full or Associate) plus you must have completed a Chapter application form in your own right. This entitles you to buy and wear LoH patches which you can obtain from the Merchandise Officer on Club Nights.
Our own LoH Officer, Caroline, is busy promoting several activities for the LoH within the Chapter. LoH is not an exclusive club within a club and any full member of the Chapter – male or female – together with their guest – can attend any LoH event. However, some events may be of more interest than others. If you have any LoH suggestions, please email Caroline.

1st May 2021 – Female Rider’s Day

Our new LOH Officer Caroline was patched up today at Guildford H-D by Director Dell & Dealer Principal Aaron. Welcome to Caroline and a massive thank you for taking on the role in addition to her roadcrew role.

Liz Getgood has done a sterling job for many years which Chapter members and the committee appreciate – she aint going nowhere though as Liz remains supporting us all as roadcrew.

Dell Evans – Chapter Director

Caroline is the Chapter’s LoH Officer