Chapter FAQ

Posted On 1st May 2021

All the commonly asked questions in one place.

Q. Does the Chapter do female only or Trike only rides?

No, the Chapter is inclusive to all members and so places no restrictions apart from membership and riding a Harley-Davidson on rides in line with HOG’s policy which is copied below –

‘While H.O.G. promotes and co-ordinates registration for the Sparkle and Twinkle tours, there is also a full understanding that all activities should be inclusive of as many members as possible.

It is recognised that members desire differing events but we must ensure that when planning events we offer a fully inclusive menu of events, not specifically catering for or alienating any one group of members. 

Catering for as many members as possible at each event is essential to creating a great Chapter network.‘ 

Q. Can I belong to other Chapters and motorcycling clubs?

Yes. Hogsback is not interested in telling you what you do with your valuable leisure time, nor who you spend it with. But if you accept an appointment as a Hogsback Officer (which includes Road Crew) you will need to declare any other memberships to the Directors so that they can bring it to the attention of the whole Committee for consideration.

Q. Am I free to do my own thing?

Yes, of course. Belonging to Hogsback does not mean you have to do any of our rides (though we think you will want to!). Likewise, you are free to ride with your own friends wherever, whenever and on whatever you want. Hogsback is full of friends who have found each other through the Chapter and ride with each other informally as much as they do on Chapter rides. However, please note that our Chapter communications channels (website, e-shot or facebook page) cannot be used to promote unofficial rides or events.

Q. I’ve got another make bike as well as my Harley – can I choose which one to ride on a Chapter ride?

No. Hogsback is a H.O.G. Chapter. The clue is in the name. Chapter rides are for Harleys only. There are four reasons for this.

Firstly, the Chapter owes its existence to a sponsoring dealership whose business is… er… Harleys.

Secondly, Chapter rides are designed for the way people ride Harleys – other bikes are ridden differently and we avoid mutual frustration if we keep the two apart.

Thirdly, our Chapter Public Liability Insurance covers claims against us on the assumption that we are H.O.G. members. We avoid potential insurance complications if we are riding Harleys when we ride as a Chapter. In the case of chops, if it says Harley-Davidson on your V5C, you’re good. If it says something else, it’s not a Harley!

Fourthly, H.O.G requires it – and ignoring H.O.G. puts our Chapter’s charter in danger. In case you’re interested, we’ve checked the policies of our neighbouring chapters and they align closely with Hogsback.

Q. Does this apply to non-Chapter rides I might do to Chapter events – e.g. to Club night, or “meet you there” events?

No. The ‘other make bikes’ rule only applies to organised Chapter rides. Individually, you can ride whatever you want to a Chapter meet – you can even come in your car! However you get there, we’ll be glad to see you.

Q. I’ve got a friend who’s thinking of joining the Chapter – can he come on a ride to see if he likes it?

Yes – once. Hogsback is always delighted in such interest. Our guest policy allows guest riders to join us just the once to check us out. However, they must be on a Harley-Davidson. GH-D will be glad to rent them one. Once should be enough to convince them to delay no longer, buy one and join us!