Posted By Czes Wicherek On 23rd April 2020

Hopefully you are all aware that we have suspended our ride and event program until the end of April. This was a massive decision not taken lightly by the Chapter Officers and I want to thank them for their support. We had a lot of discussion but in the end it was a no brainer. I want to assure you that we continue doing contingency planning for the whole year just in case the crisis is extended and regularly reviewing our options in light of government’s latest advice.

Many of you will be booked on Away Rides with deposits and EuroTunnel paid. For all events up to the end of April the ride leader would have been in touch to explain the options. For any event from May onwards the ride leaders are engaged with each location seeking clarification on their terms & conditions and identify to Axel the key decision dates and financial implications for both the chapter and members. We should have this detail mid next week and will then be able to advise you via the ride leaders or event organiser what the options are. Clearly there are implications on deposits if we cancel as opposed to a hotel cancelling, so we need to scope these out. Our commitment to the ride program from May onwards remains at this time and rest assured we will immediately communicate to you if this changes. In any event we will keep the e-shots going.

We are also keen to keep the spirit of the Chapter going through this difficult period. Whilst we cannot ride as a group, I intend to be out there on the Harley riding as I suspect most are. GH-D is still open and will continue to welcome members within the safety advice of social distancing and they may even have the parts you want now.

We are also exploring how we can maintain the Chapter’s engagement with members including can we arrange a virtual Club Night (Paul & Axel are working on this as my IT skills have been questioned)! Our facebook page continues to be a great tool, so if you have not joined then just put a request in. Its open to members and immediate partners and you will see Axel is posting archived Club Night photos which have been a great hit with members.

We have an immensely strong Chapter with the best membership to get through this disruption.

Thank you all for bearing with us and do stay safe.

Dell Evans – Chapter Director