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Changes to H.O.G.’s magazine

Posted On 30th March 2021

Members will have received (or about to) a letter from H.O.G. explaining that The Enthusiast magazine is in future to be issued 5 times a year with 4 of them digital and one a big bumper issue on paper. There will be different views about the move to digital but it is a sign of the times and you just have to look at newspapers and the like to see the way the world is going.

Whatever your view and the reasons why, I can tell you that UK directors have been pushing for the past year to get features and information more related to the UK than the more life style mag it had turned into. We are promised this is on its way enabled by the digital format and should be there once the members only areas is set up on the app for the Enthusiast magazine.

In the meantime H.O.G. are taking feedback to customer services if members are particularly upset by the move customerservices@hog-europe.com

Dell Evans – Director Hogsback Chapter