Standing Notices

Pillions: To Join or Not To Join

Posted On 18th April 2015 (Updated 18th November 2021)

Everyone who is a rider in Hogsback Chapter is required to join as a full member. Membership also means that they may bring along one…

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Hogsback Rockers

Posted On 18th May 2012 (Updated 18th November 2021)

Our Hogsback name is sought after! We are getting increasing numbers of requests for Hogsback rockers from collectors and others who live well outside our…

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HI-Vis Vests

Posted On 18th August 2011 (Updated 18th November 2021)

For many years, the Chapter has operated a system of safety for group rides that has proved very successful. This system is well developed and…

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The Drop-Off System

Posted On 18th May 2011 (Updated 18th November 2021)

Hogsback rides use the second-man drop-off system to keep the ride together. This involves the ride leader indicating to the rider immediately behind – the…

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Hogsback Chapter Bylaws

Posted On 18th November 2010 (Updated 22nd June 2022)

Ever wondered how Hogsback Committee members get elected? Or how the Road Crew get appointed? Or, more generally, by what principles the Chapter is run?…

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Important! Avoiding Back Patch Troubles

Posted On 18th November 2006 (Updated 18th November 2021)

As many of you know, back patches and rockers are taken very seriously by the Clubs that own them. Trouble can be avoided by following…

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