Event Log

Quiz Night

Sat 20th January – Garry Brown

Come along and join in the fun, this is no ordinary quiz. Bring your own drinks and snack. £10 pp entry, &16 with dinner. If you want to have school dinner in the break, then please advise at time of booking.

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What We’ve Done So Far in 2023

A log is kept of all the events that take place within the Chapter

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Snowball Ride

Posted On 29th January 2024

Saturday 6th January 2024Lead Rider: Peter Ostinelli Backmarkers: Dave O’Brien & Larry ZeaWeather: Dry & Sunny16 bikes & 1 trike and 19 members. Saturday 6th…

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Posted On 25th June 2023 (Updated 2nd January 2024)

On this glorious sunny and warm Sunday rumble, fifteen bikes joined Roger & Tracy southward to the New Forest

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Goodwood Café

Posted On 24th June 2023 (Updated 2nd January 2024)

Trip to Goodwood Aerodrome Café

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Café to Café

Posted On 18th June 2023 (Updated 2nd January 2024)

With three away rides and Fathers Day today it was no surprise no members joined Steve Routh and I on the Rykas cafe to Loomies cafe ride

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Lunch at Windsor Castle

Posted On 17th June 2023 (Updated 2nd January 2024)

Despite the weather reports suggesting rain, the seventeen souls on fifteen bikes who turned up for this ride were treated to glorious weather

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THIGS Watercress Line

Posted On 15th June 2023 (Updated 2nd January 2024)

A ride to The Watercress Line at Alresford with an optional train ride for those interested and lunch at the station.

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Peak District

Posted On 15th June 2023 (Updated 2nd January 2024)

Hamish Rogers with road crew Eep and Dave O’B took 21 members on 10 bikes and 2 trikes on a weekend away to the Peak District, based in Buxton.

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Summer Ponds Café

Posted On 11th June 2023 (Updated 2nd January 2024)

My two road crew and back markers today were the efficient Laurence or as I like to call him chunky monkey and Garry or as he likes to be known Tigger.

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Shepperton Fair & Raft Race

Posted On 10th June 2023 (Updated 2nd January 2024)

Our Hogsback sailors will enter the dramatic raft race – we have a title to defend!

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Bushy Park

Posted On 4th June 2023 (Updated 2nd January 2024)

Another awesome ride by me. Assistant director mr Paul cutler witnessed my awesomeness

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