Category Owners

Adrian Gowans

Posted On 9th December 2023

Adrian Gowans is the Director of the Hogsback Chapter

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David Free

Posted On 13th September 2023

David is the Chapter Historian

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Linda Neve

Posted On 24th May 2023 (Updated 26th May 2023)

Linda Neve is the Chapters Charity Officer

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Aaron Presley

Posted On 25th April 2023 (Updated 2nd May 2023)

Aaron Presley is the current Dealer Principal at GH-D

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Steve Cork

Posted On 24th November 2021 (Updated 13th September 2023)

Steve is the Chapter’s Historian Steve has been riding bikes for over 50 years and for the past 20+ years, these have been exclusively Harleys!…

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Hillary Byrne

Posted On 24th November 2021 (Updated 23rd February 2022)

Hilary Byrne is the Chapter’s Merchandise Officer.

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Axel Thill

Posted On 19th November 2021 (Updated 26th September 2023)

Axel Thill is the Chapter’s Treasurer and Head Photographer

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Larry Zea

Posted On 19th November 2021 (Updated 23rd February 2022)

Larry Zea is the Chapter’s Editor. He is responsible for producing the e-Shot and the Newsletter

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Alistair Denton-Miller

Posted On 18th November 2021 (Updated 19th April 2024)

Alistair Denton-Miller is the Chapter’s Assistant Director. He is in charge of the Ride Programme and looks after the Events Calendar

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Brett Speed

Posted On 18th November 2021 (Updated 9th December 2023)

Brett Speed is the Chapter’s Webmaster. He is responsible for running and maintaining this website.

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