Category Owners

Adrian Gowans

Posted On 9th December 2023

Adrian Gowans is the Director of the Hogsback Chapter

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David Free

Posted On 13th September 2023

David is the Chapter Historian

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Linda Neve

Posted On 24th May 2023 (Updated 26th May 2023)

Linda Neve is the Chapters Charity Officer

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Aaron Presley

Posted On 25th April 2023 (Updated 2nd May 2023)

Aaron Presley is the current Dealer Principal at GH-D

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Steve Cork

Posted On 24th November 2021 (Updated 13th September 2023)

Steve is the Chapter’s Historian Steve has been riding bikes for over 50 years and for the past 20+ years, these have been exclusively Harleys!…

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Hillary Byrne

Posted On 24th November 2021 (Updated 23rd February 2022)

Hilary Byrne is the Chapter’s Merchandise Officer.

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Axel Thill

Posted On 19th November 2021 (Updated 26th September 2023)

Axel Thill is the Chapter’s Treasurer and Head Photographer

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Larry Zea

Posted On 19th November 2021 (Updated 23rd February 2022)

Larry Zea is the Chapter’s Editor. He is responsible for producing the e-Shot and the Newsletter

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Paul Cutler

Posted On 18th November 2021 (Updated 5th April 2022)

Paul Cutler is one of the Chapter’s two Assistant Directors. He is in charge of the Ride Programme and looks after the Events Calendar

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Brett Speed

Posted On 18th November 2021 (Updated 9th December 2023)

Brett Speed is the Chapter’s Webmaster. He is responsible for running and maintaining this website.

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