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Brian Ward 1949 – 2022

Posted On 15th March 2022

This tribute was received from ex Chapter Director, Dik Gregory, who shared many rides with Brian.

Brian Ward was a gentle, softly-spoken bear of a man, generous, kind and forgiving in nature, with a great passion for his beloved Road King. With his late wife, Yvonne, he was active in the Chapter for most of the first decade of the 21st Century during which he served as a Road Marshal for three years, returning for a few years in the mid-teens.

He worked as an engineer for a major transatlantic airline and told stories of whiling away his time in first class just in case a seat broke requiring in-flight adjustment. Happy days!

Both Yvonne and Brian were stalwart supporters of the Chapter and joined many rides including several to Europe. The photo shows them on the 2005 Chapter ride to the Harley-Davidson Rally in St Tropez with a few other contemporary reprobates, all of whom will be familiar to some long standing members. They were delightful, happy times. In these sadder times, our thoughts are with those of Brian’s family and friends whom he leaves behind.