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Assistant Director Role Up For Renewal

Posted On 16th May 2023

The Assistant Director role is coming up for renewal, Vince Pyle having held the position for the last 3 years.

This role is open to Hogsback Chapter Committee members with at least 2 years Chapter membership. The role is a Primary Officer position with a three year (renewable) tenure and approval by the Dealer Principal is required to be shortlisted for consideration. Members of other HOG Chapters are ineligible for appointment. 

Please see the attached nomination notice for more details, and please feel free to discuss any interest with Aaron and Vince and submit any expressions of interest to secretary@hogsbackchapteruk.org with a brief description of what you would bring to the role.

In the event of more than one suitable candidate, a vote will be held by the membership present at our July Club Night.

For more details see the role description: Assistant Director 2023