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Officers & Road Crew

Functional roles within the Chapter

Listed below are the functional roles that exist within the Chapter along with their email address:

Director - director@hogsbackchapteruk.org
Assistant Director - assistantdirector@hogsbackchapteruk.org - there are currently two Assistant Directors in the Chapter. Emails sent to this address will go to both of them.
Secretary - secretary@hogsbackchapteruk.org
Treasurer - treasurer@hogsbackchapteruk.org
Head Road Captain - headroadcaptain@hogsbackchapteruk.org
Webmaster - webmaster@hogsbackchapteruk.org
Ladies of Harley Officer - loh@hogsbackchapteruk.org
Head Photographer - headphotographer@hogsbackchapteruk.org
Merchandising Officer - merchandise@hogsbackchapteruk.org
Editor - editor@hogsbackchapteruk.org
Membership Officer - membership@hogsbackchapteruk.org
Historian - historian@hogsbackchapteruk.org
Activities Officer - activities@hogsbackchapteruk.org
Charities Officer - charities@hogsbackchapteruk.org
Safety Officer - safety@hogsbackchapteruk.org

Roadcrew - roadcrew@hogsbackchapteruk.org - Be careful sending emails to this address as they will be sent to all current members of Road Crew.


Dell Evans Paul Cutler Vince Pyle Dave Hardcastle Axel Thill
Czes Wicherek Axel Thill Brett Speed Steve Cork Eileen Ostinelli John Fluker Vince Pyle Liz Getgoodr Katie Francis Becca Evans Peter Ostinelli

Road Crew

Peter Ostinelli Andy England Andy parker Andy Williams Axel Thill Chris Brandham Chris Doody Chris North Dell Evans Dik Gregory Gary Morss Gary Tew Graham Woods Howard Pullen Liz Getgood Malcolm Bradly Robin Seymour Roger Bonnici Stephen Foster Steve Routh Vince Pyle Paul Taylor John Holmes Alasdair Denton-Millar Paul Cutler Ken Hall Martin Harrington JB Applegate Mark Haliday Caroline Shotton Laurence Tyrrell



The functional email addresses should be used to contact Officers of the Chapter.

However, if you need to contact a specific Chapter Officer via email, you can do so using the following format: