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January 2020

Saturday 1st February : GH-D Bootsale 2020
Boot Sale

Starts 09:00 am in the dealership car park.

Have you still got that old chrome plated Harley part sitting in your garage gathering dust? Well here’s the ideal opportunity to get some 'dosh' back into your pocket.

Hogsback Chapter will be manning a few tables specifically for members use and with 15% of members sales automatically donated to our nominated charities, we should all have happy faces.

If you want to sell anything on the day then you must label each of your items with your name, telephone details and selling price. We will endeavour to get that price, or as near to it for you, but we want to have sold everything by lunchtime. So please do be realistic about prices. 'Asking prices' not far off new prices tend not to sell. If you really want to haggle for a particular price then you really must be there at the table in person.

Deliver your items to the dealership on the Friday January 31st from after lunch until closing - just ask for Aaron Presley, or bring your items down on the day.

Put all item(s) in a box or boxes rather than loose as that would really be a nightmare to manage.

Any help on the day to man the tables will be very welcome. If you are interested in helping out, please email Roger Bonnici.


So get rummaging in that garage now and good luck!

Convergence Cirencester 2020

convergence rally

It’s time for Hogsback members to pay deposits (£50 per room). There is a lot of interest from other chapters for next year. So to avoid any disappointment, get your booking in quickly with Robin via


For more information, look on the Weekends Away page for 2020 in the Members area of the website.

Chapter Charity Nominations 2020

Each year Hogsback Chapter supports three charities by raising funds at our events through raffles, the Golden Key draw and other fund raising activities. The closing date for nominations for 2020 (31 December 2019) has now passed and the Committee will be making a decision on which three charities to support in 2020 at the January Committee meeting.

Keeping the Website up to date in 2020 !

If you spot any broken links or have any comments to make concerning the Chapter website, please email them to me at:


Czes Wicherek - Webmaster

Hogsback Chapter Bylaws

The latest version of the Chapter Bylaws is now available on the Membership page of the website under Membership Information.


November 2019

Euro Festival St Tropez has been announced by H-D
St Tropez HOG Rally

The dates for the H-D Euro Festival in the South of France have been announced! More info coming soon. Stay tuned!


October 2019

RIDE365 Update


A call-out to all Hogsback Chapter members - please ensure you get GH-D to update your mileage on Ride 365 before the 31/12/2019. Your mileage contributes to your individual annual and lifetime miles but also to the Chapter Challenge. We have won this before and there is no reason we can't win again!

Thanks for your support

Paul Cutler - Assistant Director

Ride 365 is the official Mileage Recognition Program for HOG. You can logon to the H.O.G. Ride 365 page by clicking on the above Ride 365 logo (or by logging onto https://www.harley-davidson.com/gb/en/owners/hog/ride-365.html) to see the Chapter's progress.


Chapter Twinning
Mons logo

I am delighted to inform members that our committee has supported the proposal for Hogsback to twin with Mons Chapter. This is a chapter we often visit and already have a special relationship with. We will be organising events to celebrate this next year probably one here and one over there in Mons. More info when we get organised.

Dell Evans - Chapter Director

September 2019

Welcome to Hogsback Chapter

Chapter Director Dell Evans welcomes you to the Hogsback Chapter in this new video about the Chapter.

Welcome to Hogsback video

April 2019

ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) - includes Motorcycles


The ULEZ replaced the T-Charge on 8 April 2019 and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, within the same area as the current Congestion Charging Zone (CCZ).

The ULEZ will be enforced based on the declared emissions of the vehicle (which includes motorcycles) rather than the age, and all vehicles will need to meet Euro 3 emissions standards. Generally speaking Euro 3 engines are those registered with the DVLA after July 2007.

This tool helps you to work out whether your vehicle meets the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) standards. Any vehicle that meets the ULEZ standard will be able to travel in the zone without paying the ULEZ charge.

Check your vehicle


November 2017

H.O.G. Safer Rider Scheme

Have you done some advanced training or a Bifesafe assessment this year? We would like to know because if twelve or more Chapter members have done so this year, the Chapter will get an award from H.O.G. So if you have, it would be appreciated if you would send a scanned copy of your certificate to Head Road Captain Graham Woods and we will do the rest.


2017 Hogsback Chapter Survey published

As announced at the November Club Night, the results of the 2017 Hogsback Chapter Survey are now available on the Members Area page of the website.


October 2017

How to get your face on Faces


We have only five faces for the last new 75 members that have joined! So please do send us your details now! Simply email images@hogsbackchapteruk.org with:

  1. a recent photo taken from one of the Club Night or Ride galleries (copy & paste or URL)
  2. your Hogsback membership ID (eg 578)
  3. your full name

August 2017

Had a great time and want to let the HOG World know?

Stories that you want shared in H.O.G. national communications should be submitted to hogukandireland@harley-davidson.com. You may or may not be aware that member stories can also now be shared on-line on HOG.com. Once a member has signed into their on-line profile they can read articles submitted by other members or submit their own. Options are available in the drop down menu that appears under “Live to Ride” on the page that appears once a member has signed in. It looks like this:

HOG page


H.O.G. UK and Ireland Facebook page

Since the launch of the HOG UK and Ireland Facebook page, word is getting out and H.O.G. are seeing good growth in the numbers of likes and shares. Engagement is also good with members submitting pictures and making positive comments on posts.


You can connect to the page via the blue link at the top of this page or via the url https://www.facebook.com/HOGukandireland/.

Please send any suggestions or feedback on the page and its contents to Marjorie Rae who is the H.O.G. Consumer Experience Manager, UK & Ireland.


It’s still early days but hopefully you can help H.O.G. in developing it and getting the word out to others that it’s there.

Remember - if you want your posts to get picked up when sharing – use #HOGukandireland. To send pictures – message the page or e-mail: HOGukandireland@harley-davidson.com or tag us on #HOGukandireland.


January 2014

Continuing to avoid back patch troubles

You may already be aware that H.O.G. are promoting a series of new logos. As well as the traditional 'Classic' H.O.G. patch, an alternative new look eagle patch, which now incorporates the bar and shield, will shortly be available through the Chapter. You will be welcome to choose either design.

However, we would like to bring to your attention a further logo which is featured on page 43 of Issue 4 2013 H.O.G. magazine. This shows a patch with a skull, wings and a top and bottom rocker. After consultation with a worldwide MCC with local connections, we advise that H.O.G. members should not wear any item of clothing bearing this logo. Accordingly, these patches will not be available from our Merchandise Officer.

If you are unclear about this advice please contact either the Director, a senior member of the Committee or the Dealer Principal.

UPDATE - We have just received this communication from Harley-Davidson Europe Ltd:

"Following consumer feedback on the new skull with wings patch, please be advised that the option is currently withdrawn and will not be available until further notice."