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Outcome of the vote for Chapter Assistant Director

I can inform the Chapter that Vince Pyle has been successful in obtaining the AD post to replace Robin Seymour. Congratulations to Vince who brings a wealth of experience and skills to the primary officers post.

Commiserations to Caroline Shotton who was a very strong candidate and a massive thank you for standing for the post. The transfer from Robin will happen over the next few weeks and we all recognise the very significant influence he has had in the running of the Chapter and support so we will celebrate this in style when we are allowed to gather which hopefully will be in the near future!

Dell Evans - Chapter Director

Two more Rw6 rides

Two new rides to bring to your attention for next week. Full details on the Members Events page.

Wed 8th : Rw6 – Perch on the Beach

Thu 9th : Rw6 - THOGS Time for Tea said Zebedee!


July Ride Programme

In line with continuing Government advice, the Chapter needs to restrict its social activity until advised otherwise. We have taken the very difficult decision to suspend the previously published Ride Programme until the end of July.

We will continue to offer small group rides in line with these changes via our Ride with Six initiative.



Special Commemorative 4th July Flag ride

H.O.G. have asked all UK & Ireland Chapters to participate in the Special Commemorative 4th July Flag Ride.  As we are still under restricted social distancing conditions, we will adopt our Rw6 model.


Check out the rides on the Events page in the Members Area of the website, but remember to be quick as places will be going fast!

Ride with 6 patch now available
Rw6 patch

The talented Clive Everett has designed the logo that you may have already seen on the website and eshot. Margaret Bradly has worked her magic and now we present to you (drum roll)..... the patch itself is £6.00 ; with postage £7.00.

Email Becca Evans to get yours!


Weekends Away Update

Bowing to the seemingly inevitable, the Reims Champagne Run (Alasdair Denton-Miller) scheduled for the end of July is cancelled.

Chapter Shop in the Members Area

Don't forget to check out the bargains ....


Treasurer and Historian Posts

I am delighted to inform the Chapter that Axel Thill was successful in retaining the Treasurer post and Steve Cork the Historian post for another term.

Congratulations to both on behalf of the Chapter.

Dell Evans - Chapter Director

The position of Assistant Director will be decided at Virtual Club Night on the 2nd July.

Unfortunately Dell Evans and Peter Ostinelli's Fish and Chip ride (Thursday 9th July) has been cancelled.

Weekends Away Update

Unfortunately Robin Seymour's Weekend Away to Snowdonia (Thu 23rd – Sun 26th July) has been cancelled for this year though Robin is rescheduling this trip for 22nd to 25th July next year.

Reflections on the SofER years

Check out what Dik Gregory has to say as he talks about the best Rallies held in his short film entitled 'Relections on the UK SofER years' which can be found on the Chapter History Channel in the Members Area of the website.

Weekends Away Update

Blazin Steampunk is cancelled

The Rally organisers have had a long conversation with the rally venue (Mill Rythe Hayling Island) with regards to our Blazin Steampunk Rally and they report that the venue have cancelled the event due to Covid-19.

Those booked will receive an email from Away Resorts in the next 24 - 48 hours explaining the refund process.

Ride Programme Update

The Selsey RNLI ride (Sunday 2nd August) is cancelled as the RNLI have stopped all fundraising activities for the present time up until the review in September.

Weekends Away Update

The 'Lads Night Away' weekend (originally scheduled for Sat 25th – Sun 26th July) has been moved to Sat 3rd - Sun 4th October.

Updates to the Ride Programme in July

Sunday 5th : Brooklands Motorcycle Show
This event has now been postponed by The Brooklands Museum Trust Ltd.

Saturday 18th : Chelsea Football Club ride
Unfortunately, but not unexpected, Chelsea Football Club has cancelled all tours for 2020. They have however agreed to schedule a date in 2021 so look out for this on next year's Ride Programme. If the guidelines change in the coming weeks, Peter will still lead a ride somewhere on this date. Details will be released closer to the date.

Membership issue

The following message addressed to Chapter Director Dell Evans is from Marjorie Rae :

Dear Chapter Director

I suspect that you have been made aware of an issue that some members are experiencing as a result of a H.O.G. systems issue – which I’m relieved to report has now been resolved.

Some members have erroneously received renewal reminders.

As I understand it, if the member has already renewed, received a renewal card with the correct expiry date and their renewal kit, the renewal reminder can be ignored.

However, if there is any question regarding the status of a member’s membership they should contact Member Services who can help them to check it and resolve issues if there are any.

To remind you, H.O.G. Member Services can be contacted by phone on: 00800 11112223 or by mobile on 0208 891 9088 if that 00800 number doesn’t work. They can be contacted by e-mail on customerservices@hog-europe.com

I’m also aware that some members are renewing and receiving t-shirts whilst others are not. T-shirts are being supplied to those members that sign up for auto-renewal.

Please can I ask you to share this information with your members?

Please also remind them that when they dial the member services number they must use two zeroes before the 8 and remember to include the hyphen in the e-mail address.

Thanks and kind regards,

Marjorie Rae,
H.O.G. Regional Manager,
Customer Experience, UK & Ireland


May 2020

Weekends Away Update - Opale Harley Days

Sadly this Weekend Away in September has had to be cancelled as the Rally has been cancelled by the organisers.

Convergence Cirencester 2020 is cancelled

It is with regret that we announce that the Convergeance rally at Cirencester in August is cancelled.

For more information, look on the Weekends Away page for 2020 in the Members area of the website.

Weekends Away Update

Camelot Knights

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I have had to cancel our planned trip to Tintagel in June this year after the most recent advise given by the PM. I was going to hold on to the bitter end but it has beaten us sooner, that being Hotel’s will not now open until the earliest on 4th July. With uncertainty surrounding even this I decided not to move the dates.

Carl Christensen - Ride Leader

April 2020

Charities Interim Payment

In the view of the grave difficulties facing charities at this time and in accordance with the recent decision of the committee, we have now sent £800 to each of our three chosen charities: Air Ambulance, Headway and Princess Alice Hospice which is by way of an interim payment. The final payment to be made from the charity account will as usual be at the end of the year.

Bald Axel

A big thank you is particularly due to Axel for raising so much money for Chapter Charities by his shave.

John Fluker - Charity Officer

March 2020

Latest update on Weekends Away

Full details of the changes can be found on the Weekends Away page. Also, your ride leader should be in touch with you if you have been booked on one of the Weekends Away that have been affected.

Help us to add colour to your FACES

The FACES gallery accessed from within the Membership area of the Chapter website is one of the most used of the photo galleries.

Previously in black and white, I plan to give it a fresh and modern look by adding colour and need your help. Can you check your entry, and send me a hi res colour photo, with your name and Hogsback ID if your entry is in black and white.

You could also check if somebody you know is missing. For example, the above screenshot shows 32 faces, although this Membership ID range should cover 147 active members! That means that just 22% are visible. While I understand not everybody is keen to be seen, 22% does seem a bit low.

Help me to put colour to even more FACES; talk to your peers, and send me your photo and ID to images@hogsbackchapteruk.org. In these Corona times we can invest a little time to improve our presence.

Thank you very much

Axel Thill - Head Photographer

Chapter Charities - Update

The three main Charities that the Chapter will support this year were announced in January. However, as so many nominations were sent through for worthy causes it was decided, after much discussion by the committee, to give a donation of £100 to four of the remaining charities that were nominated, and these four charities were selected in a random draw from the tombola machine at March Club Night.

The four charities selected were Ellenor Charity, Stepping Stones DS, Challengers Stoke Park Guildford and Camp Mohawk Wargrave.

Hogsback - Mons Twinning Event

A great visit to Mons Chapter for the twinning event on 29th February. They laid on a fabulous welcome dinner where their Directors signed the twinning certificate. On 9th May, we host them and sign our copy.

February 2020

Surprised to be a Life Member of H.O.G?

.... when you didn’t pay for it ?


H.O.G. inform us that the wrong letter has gone out in many renewal packs informing non life members they are life members! So if you thought you got a nice free gift, sorry, but it’s just a simple administration error.

Dell Evans - Chapter Director

January 2020

Chapter Charities Chosen for 2020

The following three charities were chosen by the committee at the January committee meeting from the thirteen nominated by Chapter members.

  1. Air Ambulance www.aakss.org.uk/
  2. Headway Surrey www.headwaysurrey.org/
  3. Princess Alice Hospice Esher www.pah.org.uk/

From the remaining proposed charities, four charities will be selected randomly by the attending Club Members at March Club Night using the Tombola. Each one selected will receive £100.

John Fluker - Charities Officer

Keeping the Website up to date in 2020 !

If you spot any broken links or have any comments to make concerning the Chapter website, please email them to me at:


Czes Wicherek - Webmaster

Hogsback Chapter Bylaws

The latest version of the Chapter Bylaws is now available on the Membership page of the website under Membership Information.


October 2019

Chapter Twinning
Mons logo

I am delighted to inform members that our committee has supported the proposal for Hogsback to twin with Mons Chapter. This is a chapter we often visit and already have a special relationship with. We will be organising events to celebrate this next year probably one here and one over there in Mons. More info when we get organised.

Dell Evans - Chapter Director

September 2019

Welcome to Hogsback Chapter

Chapter Director Dell Evans welcomes you to the Hogsback Chapter in this new video about the Chapter.

Welcome to Hogsback video

April 2019

ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) - includes Motorcycles


The ULEZ replaced the T-Charge on 8 April 2019 and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, within the same area as the current Congestion Charging Zone (CCZ).

The ULEZ will be enforced based on the declared emissions of the vehicle (which includes motorcycles) rather than the age, and all vehicles will need to meet Euro 3 emissions standards. Generally speaking Euro 3 engines are those registered with the DVLA after July 2007.

This tool helps you to work out whether your vehicle meets the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) standards. Any vehicle that meets the ULEZ standard will be able to travel in the zone without paying the ULEZ charge.

Check your vehicle


November 2017

H.O.G. Safer Rider Scheme

Have you done some advanced training or a Bifesafe assessment this year? We would like to know because if twelve or more Chapter members have done so this year, the Chapter will get an award from H.O.G. So if you have, it would be appreciated if you would send a scanned copy of your certificate to Head Road Captain Graham Woods and we will do the rest.


2017 Hogsback Chapter Survey published

As announced at the November Club Night, the results of the 2017 Hogsback Chapter Survey are now available on the Members Area page of the website.


August 2017

Had a great time and want to let the HOG World know?

Stories that you want shared in H.O.G. national communications should be submitted to hogukandireland@harley-davidson.com. You may or may not be aware that member stories can also now be shared on-line on HOG.com. Once a member has signed into their on-line profile they can read articles submitted by other members or submit their own. Options are available in the drop down menu that appears under “Live to Ride” on the page that appears once a member has signed in. It looks like this:

HOG page


H.O.G. UK and Ireland Facebook page

Since the launch of the HOG UK and Ireland Facebook page, word is getting out and H.O.G. are seeing good growth in the numbers of likes and shares. Engagement is also good with members submitting pictures and making positive comments on posts.


You can connect to the page via the blue link at the top of this page or via the url https://www.facebook.com/HOGukandireland/.

Please send any suggestions or feedback on the page and its contents to Marjorie Rae who is the H.O.G. Consumer Experience Manager, UK & Ireland.


It’s still early days but hopefully you can help H.O.G. in developing it and getting the word out to others that it’s there.

Remember - if you want your posts to get picked up when sharing – use #HOGukandireland. To send pictures – message the page or e-mail: HOGukandireland@harley-davidson.com or tag us on #HOGukandireland.


January 2014

Continuing to avoid back patch troubles

You may already be aware that H.O.G. are promoting a series of new logos. As well as the traditional 'Classic' H.O.G. patch, an alternative new look eagle patch, which now incorporates the bar and shield, will shortly be available through the Chapter. You will be welcome to choose either design.

However, we would like to bring to your attention a further logo which is featured on page 43 of Issue 4 2013 H.O.G. magazine. This shows a patch with a skull, wings and a top and bottom rocker. After consultation with a worldwide MCC with local connections, we advise that H.O.G. members should not wear any item of clothing bearing this logo. Accordingly, these patches will not be available from our Merchandise Officer.

If you are unclear about this advice please contact either the Director, a senior member of the Committee or the Dealer Principal.

UPDATE - We have just received this communication from Harley-Davidson Europe Ltd:

"Following consumer feedback on the new skull with wings patch, please be advised that the option is currently withdrawn and will not be available until further notice."